Jaws is a box office hit 47 years after it first hit theaters.

Jaws hit 2022? This is true. This Saturday was “National Movie Day,” with theaters across the US dropping ticket prices to $3 to keep bringing people back to theaters. Guess what? It worked! More than 8.1 million people went to the cinema on Saturday, compared to 1 million a day earlier and 1.7 million a day later. People still love movies. National Film Day drew the largest movie theater crowds of any day in 2022. This proves that people will go to the movies when the movies cost only three dollars. I think we all knew it.

The best film of the day was Top Gun: Maverick, which added about $6 million to its box office over a long weekend. SpiderMan: No Way Home, released last Christmas, took second place. Best New Movie of the Weekend, Hunk For Jesus. “Save Your Soul” finished in 14th place.

But the real surprise is Jaws. Played in theaters across the country, the film grossed an estimated $2.6 million over a threeday weekend. This placed it at #10 for the weekend, just behind Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and just before Where The Crawdads Sing. In terms of theaters, Jaws actually outperformed every other movie in theaters this weekend. Not bad for a 1975 film, and it only made about $7 million in its opening weekend. If you have good films, people will watch them.


Image credit to Universal Pictures

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