Jay-Z: He’s paying $16.5 million for a pizza-making robot

Jay-Z and his company Marcy Venture Partners just shelled out a huge amount of money for a pizza making robot. Indeed, this is a profitable business that Stellar Pizza intends to create. And for this, 16.5 million euros were collected. Thus, the company’s goal is to compete in the pizza market by revolutionizing the production of pizza preparation.

The idea is simple: automate orders. To do this, the pizzeria will set up a mobile application for receiving orders. Then in the food truck, the robot will prepare customer orders without significant human resources. Thus, the cooking process will take less than five minutes. There will be a person who will take out the pizza, cut it and send it for delivery to customers.

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Jay-Z: businessman

Indeed, the singer is a businessman, a businessman. He has invested in Stellar Pizza and intends to earn passive income. Therefore, with this robot, the winnings will be maximum. However, you should be aware that the latter can prepare up to 420 orders per day before replenishment. So it seems to be an efficient system. It may soon happen in France.

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