JBL PartyBoost is the reason I will never buy a Bluetooth speaker again

Ryan Haynes/Android Authority

There are several ways to choose a Bluetooth speaker. Maybe you’re looking for durability, or maybe you’re looking for the best sound quality money can buy. However, one thing that is easy to overlook is the bonus features. After all, most Bluetooth speakers are the same: Plug in your phone and play music. Well I found my bonus feature and it blocked me forever. JBL’s PartyBoost is the reason I will never buy another brand of Bluetooth speaker.

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I have 99 speakers…

Ryan Haynes/Android Authority

I bought a JBL Flip 4 a few years ago when I was running Android Salad. Without realizing it, a wave began that washed away my entire family. One of the speakers became two, it became four, and here we are deep inside. Keep in mind that no one has thought of PartyBoost. We all liked the sound quality and the IPX7 rating. Then I realized that we could do much more with our group.

PartyBoost, known as Connect+ on older JBL speakers, needs no introduction. The JBL marketing key should be a reason to buy a Flip, Charge or Xtreme. But it is not. Instead, you need to build a fleet of speakers and download the JBL Portable app to see what it’s capable of. However, once you get it set up, you’re in for a treat.

PartyBoost turns all JBL speakers – up to 99 – into one unit with the touch of a button.

JBL PartyBoost turns your collection of individual speakers into a powerful network at the touch of a button. You can add each new speaker—up to 99 in total—and enjoy a range far beyond the 30-foot limit of traditional Bluetooth technology. PartyBoost gives you flexibility in how you listen. It works in either Party or Stereo mode, with Party mode including a full set of speakers and a stereo if you have multiple eligible devices.

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party life

jbl connect pixel 6 pro to speaker

Ryan Haynes/Android Authority

PartyBoost can be tricky to use in everyday life, but that’s not really its purpose. When a family reunion happens, it’s worth every penny. Instead of outsourcing professional audio setups for events like weddings and bridal cocktail parties, we started looking inward. A few well-placed speakers and a carefully crafted playlist give you more control and freedom than if you were paying for a DJ.

Why spend money on a professional audio system when you can use the speakers you already have?

You’ll likely find yourself jumping into JBL PartyBoost’s party mode for most large gatherings as it plays evenly through every speaker. It’s the best way to fill a party with sound, but the stereo mode is worth a try if you’re short on space. This puts you at the center of your music, at least if you have more than one speaker. In our case, we have half a dozen Flip 4 devices, so there is no shortage of stereo options.

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It doesn’t hurt that the JBL speakers are less intrusive than a large setup. Easily hide in the garden or under a table without losing contact. The IPX7 rating also comes in handy if something ridiculous happens on your wedding day, like rain. All you have to worry about is making sure your speakers stay charged and that everyone gets their original speakers after the party is over.

Can I finally switch my Bluetooth speakers to another brand like Bose or Sonos? Sure, but my whole family has to change with me. I don’t expect this to happen any time soon and I’m getting calls from new people at JBL.

Would you buy a Bluetooth speaker precisely because it is compatible with the speakers you have in your family?

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