Jeff Bezos did it, he went to space with his crew aboard his New Shepard rocket.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, has just made it to space safely aboard one of his New Shepard ships, accompanied by three other crew members. They were able to enjoy the view and the thoughtlessness for a few minutes before starting their descent. ” It’s the most beautiful day of my life ! Jeff Bezos said while still aboard the capsule, during his return to Earth.

As we recall, the objective of this demonstration mission was to exceed 100 km in altitude in order to officially evolve in space. And they did! The team arrived safe and sound on Earth just a few minutes ago in their capsule, slowed down by parachutes, in a desert in West Texas.

In addition to catching up with Elon Musk and Richard Branson in the space race, this mission has just demonstrated the reliability of Blue Origin’s flight systems for tourism and space exploration.

The team took off since Launch Site One at Corn Ranch, Texas, before starting to climb at speeds above Mach 3, with the goal of passing the Karman Line – the internationally recognized boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space (100 kilometers from ‘altitude). New Shepard, the rocket from Blue Origin that has just enabled this accomplishment, has a carbon-free liquid hydrogen / liquid oxygen engine.

The New Shepard launcher landed successfully, smoothly, fully autonomously. © Blue Origin

An exceptional crew member: Aviator Wally Funk was undoubtedly the exceptional guest for this flight. At 82, Wally Funk became the oldest astronaut of all time, fulfilling a lifelong dream, which was thwarted by the sexism of the early space age. Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen has just become the youngest astronaut. The four-member crew was completed by Jeff Bezos’ brother, Mark Bezos, who wanted to follow him on this adventure.

Jeff Bezos, shortly after exiting the capsule. ” It’s the most beautiful day of my life ! He declared while he was still on board, in the middle of the descent. © Blue Origin

Video recapitulating the preparations and the flight:

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