Jennifer steps back, Celine Dion steps out of hers; Victoria Beckham’s Poshtron past, Brad Pitt’s radical sculptures, and Johnny Depp’s true love interest emerge; Paris Hilton is recruiting an army to find her Chihuahua

Johnny Depp moved in with his lawyer. Not with Camilla Vasquez, the bulldozer who made him win his lawsuit against Amber Heard, but with Joelle Rich, who defended him in a lost lawsuit in 2018, in defamation against The Sun and his famous “striker wife.” The lady, a pretty brunette who is divorced, has two children. She lives in England and came to support the actor in the US, who is still (and still) on trial there. But according to sources, this is an isolated story, otherwise “their chemistry is incredible” and secret meetings in the hotel would gradually develop into a serious story. Come what may…

According to the public, Letitia Holliday is broke. But we already knew that, right? Yes, but things could get worse there, because the IRS is demanding 13 million from him within two weeks. The front page of the weekly featured a photograph of Johnny’s widow, who came to Paris in mid-September to try to free herself from that big ball of a villa in Marne-la-Coquet that she can’t handle. In addition, nothing has changed, the lady kissed her Jalil Lespert very hard when leaving Los Angeles, and when she got off the plane, after a 9 hour flight, she is still flawless, beautiful and stylish. Welcome home.

Vincent Cassel is a face in Paris. Accustomed to wide smiles on Brazilian beaches, the actor came to the attention of the paparazzi. Here, his face was covered in the streets of the capital. To the point that the magazine imagines that with Tina Kunaki “it’s not fun.” But no, in fact, everything is fine: only a robbery at the end of summer makes the atmosphere heavier. Young Madame Cassel would like to move in after thieves break into her Parisian home, and we understand her.

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The secret return of Celine Dion. Here we find out first that she is better! A few new filters on the evolution of her muscle spasms, but her diary is filled with interviews and photo shoots that should be treated carefully as she has become a media ghost in recent months. Although one of her songs (written by Jean-Jacques Goldman) is set to be the anthem for the new season of Star Académie, the Canadian diva may return to television on this show. Negotiations are underway, fingers crossed.

Jennifer moves to Corsica at the dawn of her 40th birthday. It is Closer who teaches us with photographs of the radiant singer. It says that the start of the school year has been carefully arranged for his three boys, with enrollment at a school near Ajaccio or a kindergarten, but, oddly enough, the magazine predicts the installation will be fully completed “on Tuesday, November 15th.” Why ? Dont clear. In any case, this change of scenery in no way heralds the retirement of the one who left Star Ac first 20 years ago: album, concerts, a new collection of decorative elements… The dance card is filling up at a tremendous rate!

Gwyneth Paltrow is out of breath! She returns it like a deceptively modest schoolgirl. Brad Pitt’s ex-girlfriend turns 50 next week and to celebrate, she decided to post a picture of herself on Instagram. We see her jumping on a fallow deer in a two-piece swimsuit. Well, she can: she is very beautiful and, of course, she has a very good photographer. But when she writes: “I got rid of the need to be perfect. “Not! Too much cynicism, too much gu… When you do yoga for two hours a day, sometimes you drink only celery juice all day (she calls it a cure), and your beauty treatment reaches triple figures and lasts 45 minutes, this is really taking us for pears! Slow down Paltrow!

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Victoria Beckham struggles with her natural inclinations. While her husband admits he’s never seen him eat anything other than steamed fish, the former Spice Girls co-star recalled that wasn’t always the case. In her biography, Mel C / Sporty Spice said that Chic (that is, a snob) had a strong addiction to drink and that she loved tequila so much that she even fell asleep on the floor of the restaurant where she dined with her friends … And it looks like she was in the same the state when I met my football player husband…

Everyone is looking for Paris Hilton’s dog. A wealthy heiress lost her Chihuahua during a move. He was there, then poof! As a great friend of animals, she uses every means at her disposal – therefore ALL means: she has already hired a dog breeder, a canine medium, a canine behaviorist and is now looking for drones specialized in finding dogs. The one who returns the animal is promised a big reward, and you won’t even be asked a question. If you’re looking for the monster: she’s being held by her boss, she’s used to wearing rhinestone necklaces, Vuitton outfits, Halloween costumes and satin robes, and she answers to the sober name of Diamond Baby…

Sylvia Tellier left, tongues loosened. The former boss of “Miss France” was inconvenient: over-demanding, wanting to control everything, employees could no longer endure it. “She was not always pleasant” and often “unhappy with other people’s work” we learn in Closer. According to former employees, his intervention “bordered on the ridiculous.” Well, this winter will not freeze!

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Elon Musk’s teenage memories were sold for 165,000 euros: photographs, a necklace and even a simple greeting card for 16,675 euros. It was the recipient of this card, Jennifer Gwynn, who decided to sell her small personal belongings in order to fund her son’s studies. She only spent a year with the multi-millionaire Tesla boss, and that was 30 years ago… I wonder what’s the craziest thing about this: that a woman is selling paltry things in the hope of making money that the company agrees to. to organize an auction, or to have fanatics jump on said objects… To perform voodoo ceremonies and seize Elon’s vast fortune?

Kanye West has hired his new girlfriend: the rapper has been seen to be closely related to the pretty blonde model, 33-year-old Candice Sweinapeol, who is also an ambassador for his eyewear brand… He has always been good at mixing genres, you know, he creates songs, clothes, accessories , he preaches on Sundays and recently opened Donda Academy in honor of his late mother. Goal: to educate the elite of tomorrow, who could do everything, read, count, as well as sing, dance, know the “language of the world.” Crazy about Here, scary about the Public, the students don’t have a schedule, and the principal is 28 years old and has no teaching background. But it doesn’t matter, because we have fun in the dining room: conceptual coffee (?) for parents and milk in syrup for children. What else do you need?

If you’re wondering who will break the royal gossip truce over the death of the Queen of England, here it is: it’s public! Harry and Meghan return to their roles as lame ducks, and the magazine lists the troubles suffered during the funeral: 1) Harry was not allowed to wear a uniform during the funeral; 2) The children of Kate and William walked in front of them in a procession; and finally 3) The Sussexes learned from the press that they would ultimately not be participating in the heads of state dinner. The new executioner of the poor “humiliated” kids? King Charles III. The public even informs us that the stepfather has not yet deigned to respond to Megan’s request: the smart ex-actress asked to meet him face to face, “to start from scratch” and, perhaps, to appear specifically as a priority for the new sovereign: since she should quickly return to the United States to find her children, the interview should take place these days, at the dawn of her reign. Haha! It’s there!

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And will you take some shortbread to finish off? Get in line like everyone else! David Beckham waited for 13:00 to pay his respects to the queen, placed in the same boat as everyone else. And very good for him, because two English television stars were accused of cutting the line and almost got jailed! Jennifer Aniston bought her house from Oprah Winfrey: a small house with 4 bedrooms in Montecito for 15 million euros. Kim Kardashian said she now refuses to date famous men. “I feel like I should be dating other people”… Not won when being followed by H24 cameras. Passepartout earns 300 euros for broadcasting at Fort Boyard and continues to work for RATP in real life. After cinema and wine sculpture! Brad Pitt is exhibiting his work in Finland for the first time. The plays are very different from each other, quite dark and violent, reflecting, in his words, his “radical inventory”. After dedications for 20 points, a personalized message for 40: Loana invites you to write down an encouragement for a child or colleague to motivate him. Do not follow his example?


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