Gaming becomes JV and gets a makeover

News inside becomes JV and gets a makeover

ETAJV,, JVCOM, JVC, etc. there is no shortage of names, acronyms and other nicknames to name … Today, the first European video game site is about to change its civil status, a name change which is obviously accompanied by a visual overhaul.

Formerly ETAJV (for Encyclopedia of Video Game Tips and Tricks) created in 1995 on Minitel, really saw the light of day two years later in March 1997. It has therefore been almost 25 years!

What was originally a simple tips and tricks site has become over the years a staple of the specialized video game press with its news, forums, tests … In addition, has diversified its supports and is now present well beyond the website itself via social networks and video platforms.

In fact, is no longer just a website. In 2021, it is also an account Twitter to 1.4 million followers, one page Facebook to 1.06 million subscribers, a profile Instagram to 338,000 subscribers, one channel Youtube to 427,000 subscribers and, finally, the channel Twitch – LeStream to almost a million followers. And let’s not forget our programs on Snapchat and our TikTok who are not ready to stop!

For its part, the video game universe has also evolved over its 25 years. Once a niche, video games have become a real social phenomenon that has taken hold in all homes, thus becoming an element of culture in the broad sense. Today it is inseparable from cinema, SVOD, anime, manga, in short, everything associated with modern culture. This is the reason why’s editorial line has grown over the years and no longer covers only the simple tips and codes of its beginnings, or even only video games in the strict sense.

In order to better represent this extended editorial line and to modernize the image on all the platforms on which we are present, officially becomes JV as of June 23, 2021. This name change does not affect the presence of the teams on the various networks mentioned above, nor the web address of the site, which of course remains This name change is accompanied by a first visual overhaul which is intended to be more modern. Beyond this new JV logo which takes the place of the old logo, the site trades its dominant blue and gray for off-white and softens its visuals via rounded edges.

Finally, all our teams would like to thank you for your loyalty, for your messages, for your confidence, and even for your often virulent rants. In short, thank you again for your presence during these nearly 25 years of And we can only hope that this new JV will accompany you for a long time to come in your lives.

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