Jez Corden Says Perfect Dark Is Producing Well

Windows Central insider and renowned journalist Jez Corden is back with an update on the upcoming Perfect Dark chapter currently being worked on by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics.

In a recent episode of The Xbox Two, Corden made some insightful comments. Despite the lack of particularly positive gameplay videos or rumors, a source who was extremely confident in his claims indicated that the production of the game is progressing quite well.

If you remember correctly, it was Corden who shed light on the various problems with the creation of Perfect Dark in the first weeks of March.

Initially, joining Crystal Dynamics to the development team led to a number of conflicts between the parties due to different visions of the project and inefficient internal priority management.

Due to the toxic environment, many developers even left the studio. Fortunately, a lot has changed in that time.

It was only in May that Microsoft invested heavily in developing the game and improving the framework. Naturally, in order to speed up development and meet deadlines, the Perfect Dark team has been replenished with many new talents throughout this period.

Two years ago, we announced a new Xbox game studio in Santa Monica, The Initiative, and just unveiled Perfect Dark at The Game Awards. Our goal is to present a secret agent thriller set in the near future.

The initiative brought the Perfect Dark team together, hiring some of the brightest game developers from across the company, who all share a love of storytelling, world-building, and creating unforgettable games.

We have full support from Xbox Studios and are incredibly excited to share some of our first concepts for reimagining one of the most beloved intellectual property rights in gaming history. To fulfill the promise of the next generation of game development, we are working hard.

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