Jimmy Gressier: “I’m not a robot, I’m still human”

Boulogne went on holiday as soon as he disappointed at the Euros on Sunday (4th in the 10,000m). We are aware of several mistakes this season, but we should not downplay his game.

Jimmy Gressier led the Euro 10,000 for a long time. Too much. PHOTO AFP – AFP

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Published: August 27, 2022, 09:24 am

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Is it a disappointment? Yes and no. In a long distance race, tactics matter a lot and you have to finish well. Jimmy Gressier didn’t make a mistake either in trying to pack the race. Anxiety: A lot of energy left without result. However, even if we like to dream big, he was not the favorite for this Euro. The European No. 1 was the Italian Crippa, and it was he who won the race. Both the fastest and the best finisher. However, it’s a setback for Jimmy Gressier, who finished second in the entry, with the podium dominated by 6th (Norwegian) and 7th (his teammate Schrub). The latter, whose record is 23 seconds slower than Boulogne’s, was above all better tactically.

The first hitch in his ascent. Jimmy Gressier keeps making moves (he’s in the top 15 in the world). At the European level, Munich had to crown its rise. Missed. “I don’t lose often, I remain human, I am not a robot, I have the right to get tired, have worse shots. This is part of the sport, we have the right to win, lose, there will still be great victories and great defeats. »

Mental overload. This 2022 season will serve him for the future because it caused, both after the World Cup and after the Euro, a certain mental fatigue, one who runs cross-country (French champion, 3rd in Euro), 10 km in winter (French Champion) ), summer. He will have to choose.

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