Joe Biden cancels Trump-era measures against TikTok, opens investigation

President Joe Biden has revoked measures adopted by Donald Trump against applications owned by Chinese companies. Instead he is conducting an investigation to study the potential risks and think about possible rules that can protect the data of American citizens, as reported by CNBC.

A survey to assess the risks
The president has set criteria for the government to assess the risks regarding applications held by certain foreign powers. This new executive order asks Commerce Department to review applications related to these foreign powers and say what should be considered an “unacceptable risk.” This also aims to identify all software applications that may present a risk to national security or the Americans.

The Commerce Department is also asked to approach other agencies in order to establish recommendations to protect the data of American users, such as personal data or even biometric data that TikTok seeks to collect.

A change in policy since Donald Trump had adopted a series of decrees simply tending to ban TikTok, WeChat and eight other companies from the United States. If the short-lived video-sharing application owned by ByteDance has been able to survive in the United States, it is only at the cost of a fierce battle in the courts. The sale of American assets to an American company, such as Microsoft or Oracle, was even mentioned when the first presidential decrees were adopted.

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