Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Label Updated by Health Canada

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is expected to receive its first doses in the country this week, was updated by Health Canada on Monday to prevent secondary risks from injecting it.

The vaccine package insert now lists signs and symptoms of side effects that Canadians may experience after being vaccinated and when patients need to seek immediate medical attention.

This update came after several cases of blood clots were reported in the United States when a person was given a dose of this vaccine.

“Health Canada has worked closely with the manufacturer and other international regulators to assess the latest data and take action before the vaccine becomes available to Canadians,” the ministry said in a series of tweets posted this afternoon.

However, Health Canada reiterated that “the benefits of vaccination outweigh these very rare risks,” and supported the use of this vaccine, as it did for AstraZeneca.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, recommended for people over 18, was authorized on March 5 in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also announced on Friday that the first doses of the vaccine are due to be delivered this week to begin distribution in May.

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