Join Peach, Luigi and Donkey Kong in the new trailer for Super Mario Bros. –

If a first trailer from the movie Super Mario Bros.gave a place of honor Bowser as well as Mariowith a little glimpse of Luigi and Toad, it’s a good part of the universe’s other stellar characters nintendo who falls into second trailer this feature-length animated film is scheduled for March 2023 in theaters.

Based famous video game from Nintendo, another film from the studios Lighting and Nintendo Pictures must see Mario (voiced on VO Chris Pratt) help the princess peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) and a little mushroom Toad (Kegan-Michael Key) to lock in Bowser (Jack Black) while the latter strive dominate the world.

  • Check out the new trailer for Super Mario Bros. Movie :

In the cast of the original version we find:

  • Chris Pratt: Mario
  • Anya Taylor-Joy: Princess Peach
  • Charlie Day: Luigi
  • Jack Black Bowser
  • Keegan Michael Key: Toad
  • Seth Rogen: Donkey Kong
  • Fred Armisen: Cranky Kong
  • Kevin Michael Richardson: Kamek
  • Sebastian Maniscalco: Spike

Color, full of links video games (we have the right to a small preview of the Mario Kart-style race in the second trailer), Super Mario Bros. Movie expected in French cinemas on March 29, 2023

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