Jose Mauro, spleen physician


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“A Viagem das Horas”, a little-known masterpiece by the mysterious Brazilian musician, is being reissued by Far Out Recordings.

Founded in 1994 by DJ Joe Davis, Far Out Recordings has often excelled in the quality of its reissues, with the most exciting reissues by Roberto Quartin among them. After leaving the excellent Forma, where he created several classics (Baden Powell, to name only one), this producer created his own firm to open up new horizons at the dawn of the 70s. A handful of entries that still wonder how they could have been ignored for so long in history. Since its inceptionEsperanto according to saxophonist Victor Assis Brasil, Nasty Jose Mauro et al. Voces Querem Mate? guitarist singer Piri is always in a bunch of replays.

Feeling melancholy

It is still a significant category of incunabula that In Viagem das Horas, a true masterpiece by Jose Mauro, a persistent legend that has long been considered dead …

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