Joyce Echaquan’s family to file civil lawsuit against hospital

Joyce Echaquan’s family will file a civil liability lawsuit, directed at the hospital and certain doctors for the numerous infractions that led to the death of the Atikamekw woman.

L’avocat de la famille, Me Patrick Martin-Ménard, a annoncé mardi qu’il allait entamer, au nom de la famille, a series of proceedings to obtain justice for Mme Echaquan, dont a poursuite en responsabilité civile, who will be déposée dans the following days. “It is clear to us that we have all the elements that lead us to think that the civil liability of the hospital and of certain doctors is compromised in this context,” said the lawyer.

A new complaint will also be filed with the Order of Nurses in relation to the events that occurred during the episode of care offered at the Lanaudière hospital center last September. Last week, the warrant announced that the nurse who insulted Joyce Echaquan in the video shot by the patient had been blacked out for a year.

However, the family said they were “extremely disappointed” with this investigation by order of the nurses and asked him to “redo your homework.”

“The investigation seems to have focused only on the events that we see in the video, but it ignores what happened before and after,” explained Me Martin-Martin, who was surrounded by the family in the garden of the Auberge Godefroy in Bécancour. , just a few hours after the press conference of the coroner Géhane Kamel in Trois-Rivières. “The most important fact, in our opinion, is the fact that she was left alone, physically and chemically happy, without close supervision and without surveillance,” insisted the lawyer.

Other offenses

Several other misconduct and misconduct were discovered during the coroner’s public investigation. A neighbor on the gurney revealed that the nurses were laughing at Ms. Echaquan when she fell to the ground. Another civilian witness heard staff sigh in relief when Ms. Echaquan died.

If the College is serious about protecting the public, it should also consider employing Candidates for Nursing Practice (CEPI), who have not yet received their diploma, but are treated as nurses. Full-fledged nurses in certain emergencies in Quebec.

In his report, the coroner Géhane Kamel pointed to the fact that the CEPI, responsible for Ms Echaquan shortly before her death, did not have the necessary skills to care for a patient whose condition was so unstable. The coroner recommended in particular that the Order examine this practice.

The lawyer took the opportunity to highlight the lack of sensitivity of the Order of Nurses, which announced the radiation of the nurse on the same day of the anniversary of the death of Mrs. Echaquan, in passing, first by the media and not by the family. The family found this “extremely insulting” and believed the investigation appeared to be “more of a public relations operation” than anything else.

A complaint will also be filed with the College of Physicians against the two doctors who treated Ms. Echaquan during these two days. Again, this is a recommendation from Coroner Kamel. Finally, the Commission on the rights of the person and the rights of the youth will hear the matter.

The family, however, wanted to “say hello” to the coroner’s report that seems “fair.” Carol Dubé, Joyce Echaquan’s husband, recalled how “extremely difficult” it had been to listen to “the lies and contradictions” throughout the public inquiry. “Today we see in this report evidence of what our hearts whispered to us and it comforts us a bit. “

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