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This summer, a US bank will be offering this offer to its clients through an investment fund.

Actively managed investment fund JP Morgan

According to sources Coindesk, the bank will offer its customers actively managed bitcoin funds… Active cryptocurrencies will be guarded and stored NYDIG

Why was it actively managed? Because unlike passive funds like Digital galaxy or Pantera Capital where the investor will have a replication of the bitcoin price. Active cryptocurrencies will be used for active trading for higher capital gains (but also for higher costs).

Creation in anticipation Growing demand for bitcoin… Although, according to its co-chairman, Daniel Pinto, consumer demand for Jp morgan has not yet been, it should happen shortly after this announcement.

Jp morgan is becoming more and more active in relation to bitcoins. Whether it is the frequent analysis of the subject, its predictions for the value of Bitcoin above $ 100,000, or the creation of JP Morgan coin. However, this has not always been the case, its CEO has long condemned Bitcoin.

CEO who hates Bitcoin.

“- What would you do if you caught a JP Morgan trader as a bitcoin trader?”

“- I’ll send it in a second. For two reasons: firstly, it is against our rules, and secondly, it is stupid. And both are dangerous.

Jamie Dimon. September 2017

“If you’re stupid enough to buy this, one day you’ll pay the price” ‌

Jamie Dimon

With these words, the president JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, recently talked about Bitcoin. speech that has recently become easier. However, he has not yet announced his decision, but his co-director Daniel Pinto yes, and various actions of the bank speak in favor of this, for example, recent involvement in fundraising ConsenSys

Jp morgan long considered Bitcoin to be a scam and claimed that it would be heavily regulated by the government. The second statement is not necessarily wrong when Joe Biden discusses raising capital taxes by aligning with income taxes. An increase from 20% to almost 40%. the news shocked not only the Americans, but also the financial markets. To see if the American president changes his mind, as does the bank.

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