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Less than two years after its release on our PS4, Judgment take advantage of the latest generation of consoles to restore health. While it seems promised to a bright future, which should also take shape quite quickly, the spin-off of Yakuza deb | oule on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S to find new followers. And he deserves it.

Yagami, the other hero

Judgment it is above all the story of Takayuki Yagami, a former lawyer who became, despite himself, a private detective after an unfortunate affair. A broken man, certainly, but a man ready to discover some to lift the veil on a mysterious series of murders in the famous district of Kamurocho.

We explained it in our full test of the game on PS4, the title of SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio takes advantage of all the scriptwriting qualities of a title Yakuza and addresses a gameplay that looks more towards the side of the action game than the RPG. A difference with the path taken by the mother series, which finds all its meaning here and suits very well the experience that Judgment offers.

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Add to that new sequences compared to the main license, based on spinning, inspection and pursuit, as well as a batch of secondary investigations, and you obtain a title which knows how to vary the pleasures. Of course, we do not escape lengths among all these phases of the game, an uneven pace that prevents Judgment to reach the upper limit without spoiling its content.

Great comeback ?

Judgment PS5 screenshotYes Judgment technically speaking did not shine brilliantly on PS4, this PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version allows you to find Yagami in good shape. Fluid at every moment, the game of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio can be played in excellent conditions and it even manages to impress with the detail that emanates from most faces. As a whole, the app looks good and the environments, although they do not escape some profanity, are very convincing.

However, is a technically boosted game capable of attracting the favor of early players? Not really, especially since nothing more is done to invite fans to rediscover it. For newcomers, on the other hand, the opportunity is great to dive into the world of Judgment.

This test was carried out using a dematerialized version, provided by the publisher, on PlayStation 5.

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