Julien Bert and Jilona (ORDM) have parted ways but ready to meet again on the set of Marseille against the rest of the world 6? Information is falling

Recently you were asked to separate the truth from the lies of Julien Bert and Chilo. But, unfortunately, since then, two candidatesObjective rest of the world officially announced their breakup, without disclosing the reasons. I must say that in a few weeks they were at the center of many controversies. Remember, blogger Nabil first reported that a young man might have acted aggressively towards the one he considered the woman of his life a few months ago. Then, afterwards, he also accused Julien Berthe of infidelity. The latter would cheat on Chilone during a threesome with Illan and Chloe Preso, the wife of French footballer Remy Cabella.

Gilona and Julien Bert will find themselves on the set of Marseille against the rest of the world 6 – Credit (s):

Soon after all these revelations, the two candidates ended their romance. But this may not be final! Indeed, according to Instagram account information akababeJulien Bert and Chilona May Back Together on Set Marseilles vs. Rest of the World 6… The blogger said: “They will be in cross”This is information that should delight the fans of this duo, who are very saddened by this breakup. While you wait to find out what the future holds for the two former lovebirds, discover the messages of Illan, who did a poor job with Julien Burt.

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