Just a Mini PC NUC Chapel Rock

Simply NUC has unveiled two new additions to its line of mini PC systems, announcing the availability of its new NUC i5 Chapel Rock (LLN12CRv5) based on an embedded 12th Gen Intel Core i51245UE vPro processor and i7 Chapel Rock (LLN12CRv7) . Powered by 12th Gen Intel Core i71265UE vPro Embedded Processor.

Designed specifically for edge computing and IoT computing, Chapel Rock features optimized performance in a tiny 4″x4″ form factor and can be equipped with up to 64GB of 3200 DDR4 RAM and up to 10TB of storage between a Gen 4 compatible NVMe socket and additional SATA connector.

“Since the launch of our long life NUC product line, our customers have successfully used these mini PCs for a multitude of applications that require longer development cycles for validation and certification,” said Aaron Rowsell, CEO of Simply NUC, “and we are very pleased Extend our long life NUC offering with Chapel Rock.”

Mini PC NUC Chapel Rock

“The mini PC supports multiple I/Os, including up to four display outputs, and provides expansion cover options such as additional HDMI, USB, or even serial ports, giving Chapel Rock endless potential in a small package. With vPro technology, Chapel Rock allows you to download software updates from the office, manage your entire deployment, remotely troubleshoot a device at the airport, saving valuable time and labor when managing your mini PC fleet. With a 7year supply commitment and multiple processors, storage, OS and mounting options, Chapel Rock can be configured to meet a wide range of embedded, edge computing and IoT needs.”

Source: Simply NUK

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