Just like the PS5, the shortage hangs in the face of the Switch

Through Jason mathurin

You know that the two flagships of Sony and Microsoft, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are sold out all over the world. All the lights indicate that the situation is generalizing in the industry. It is therefore a safe bet that the Nintendo Switch is also experiencing a shortage.

The shortage does not only affect the PS5, far from it

For months now, the big tech industries have been swimming in troubled waters. The cause: the absence of an important component to operate many devices: semiconductor chips. These allow the PS5 and Xbox Series X to work well, but also televisions, computers, smartphones, cars and medical devices. Never mind: Joe Biden has decided to take the problem of the shortage head-on.

However, despite the resources implemented, some tech giants will have to reduce their number of units. If this is the case for Sony and Microsoft, it’s a safe bet that Nintendo is also going there. At least that’s what Nintendo predicts. The CEO himself told Nikkei that these chips are needed to produce new units. Add to this that the giant has already had to deal with a small drop in stock earlier this year.

Nintendo warns of possible out of stock for its Switch

“We have enough materials for immediate semiconductor production for the Switch“Nintendo CEO told Nikkei. “However, in Japan and other countries, demand has been very strong since the start of the year.” This one also indicates that it is for now “hard to know how we will settle [ce problème], but in some cases we will not be not able to produce enough orders “. A rather clear message which suggests a crisis certainly less important but similar to that experienced by the PS5 and the XSX.

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