Justice, Government: our salvation through Artificial Intelligence? – Editorial 06/07/2021

The concept of artificial intelligence is still unclear for many of us. This is particularly understandable when we know not only that we are only at the beginnings of the development of this technology, that in addition it has a variable geometry in terms of its performance depending on which device is equipped with it. , and that it is still absolutely substitutable for the current daily tasks by a very human brain. This partly explains why AI, as it is commonly known, is not yet at the center of our lives.

I was telling you a few weeks ago about the coming revolution thanks to the development and the foreseeable advent of so-called quantum computing. When the data processing capacities of machines are exponential compared to what is possible today, there is indeed the potential to completely change the situation. In witness whereof, Artificial Intelligence will then be able to be more widely deployed since the way of implementing and exploiting it will be based on mechanisms that are even more efficient than our brain, whether in terms of speed or amount of data to be processed.

I recently listened to a friend who was particularly brilliant and visionary about his conception of a post technological singularity world. The one that would exist after the machines have exceeded the potential of all the brains of humanity put together. For him the salvation of our species would follow from it. By delegating to an AI the power to dispense justice and to govern us, we would finally be freed from the risks that have always been linked to human intervention. Imperfect, sometimes ill-informed, influenced, corrupted, or simply tired, there is a plethora of motives that today are likely to impact on his reasoning and the decisions and actions that result from it, to the detriment of his peers. By automating the processes, on the basis of a universal knowledge of the rules of law, case law and efficient models of management of human societies, we would gain in the change by delegating to machines the management of our destinies. It’s fascinating. It gave me food for thought.

Thus, I would make a difference between cold intelligence, that which comes from our ability to store and process knowledge, and intelligence which comes from the heart. Way of speaking of course. I am speaking here of the soul, and its states, which precisely characterizes us as human. To abandon what at the top distinguishes our species in order to judge and rule us, would amount to denying us. A machine will at best be able to simulate empathy, or other feelings, but it will always lack something absolutely innate, as intangible and imperfect as it may be. The most prudent, the most acceptable for the moment, would be to consider AI as a formidable source of light to perfect human free will instead of replacing it. Let us experiment and we will see if we really need to create new masters in order to subsist in peace.


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