Justice – “Operators”, “satellites”, “nurse” … Seven people were put on trial for trafficking in cannabis resin in Montlucon (Allier)

“In this case, the number of actors is important,” the chairman of the criminal court immediately explains on Tuesday, May 24, early in the morning. On the one hand, several minors convicted by the court for the children of Moulin. On the other hand, seven adults appealed to the correctional court of Montluconnet.

They are all accused of participating in one way or another in cannabis resin trafficking, mainly in the Verreri district of Montlucon, but also in Bien Assis between the end of 2017 and 2018.

An Albanian soon to stand trial in connection with the Nice attack was sentenced in Montlucon (Allier) for drug trafficking.

Different degrees of participation

It was only after several years of investigation, which included surveillance, wiretapping and numerous interrogations, that the alleged role of the seven accused was established. There are two main places…

First, the outlet at the foot of the old building D in the Verreri area. There, the first three defendants enter the stage. Three “operators”, 24 years old (for two) and 23 years old, are responsible for managing this point of the transaction on a daily basis. At the helm, if one of these “operators” assures that he only cut and detailed the drug, the second recognizes his active participation. He brought the cannabis to the point of sale and took the money. The third, who was absent from the meeting, during the investigation admitted that he was selling drugs, but for his network.

These three “operators” were sentenced to the same sentence: two years in prison, of which eighteen months with a two-year probationary period.

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Nanny and “companions”

The second place identified by investigators is a dwelling on Raken Street, where a nanny worked. A 45-year-old tenant (absent from hearing) who used cannabis resin and heroin admitted the facts. He was given a year of probation.

The last three defendants remain. Among them are two men, aged 28 and 29, with “less significant involvement,” as the prosecutor explains. “Satellites” are in contact with other actors in this case. The 28-year-old marijuana user reportedly alerted the place of the transaction that the police were coming, but denied any involvement in the traffic. Relieved for drug dealing, he was sentenced for use: six months probation.

Another “companion”, 29-year-old, was checked several times for large sums (1,500 euros, 380 euros, 1,750 euros). The amounts, which he explains, in particular, sports betting. Also released for human trafficking, he was convicted of misappropriation of resources and for refusing to give his phone’s unlock code to the police: eight months probation.

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The man is suspected of being the head of the network

The final defendant, the one who is suspected of being the head of the network. Several sellers identified the 30-year-old Montluconnet, who always denied everything. He also had a lot of cash (€500, €1130, €360, €840, €3240).

He was also arrested in Bien Assis with a bag containing just over 500 grams of cannabis resin, and his DNA was found on a liquid and drug bag from a vendor. Finally, more than 10 grams of cocaine were found in his house. He was sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were suspended for two years on probation.

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Laura Morel


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