JVCom Match: Mass Effect Legendary Edition review: comparison between the Xbox Series and Xbox 360 versions –

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a compilation bringing together the three main episodes of the license as well as all their DLC, in a version with increased graphics.

Today we offer a small video putting side by side the original 2007 version of Mass Effect on Xbox 360, as well as that of the Legendary Edition on Xbox Series X, in order to have a more precise idea of ​​the differences that bring this new compilation.

We immediately notice that the textures, lighting and effects in combat have undergone a real change. The colors are less garish, the textures push the realism a little further, and the lighting brings a new depth to the game. The vegetation has been revised upwards to create more natural areas. The 3D model of Commander Shepard has also been standardized from episode to episode. This remastered edition unfortunately does not upset the heaviness of the game, almost 15 years old, but allows to rediscover the saga in better conditions, and can make it discover to neophytes.

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