Kanisu case, commissioner charged with manslaughter

Division commissioner Gregoire Chassen, who was in charge of the police system during the fall of the Loire Steve Maya Canisou in Nantes in June 2019, was charged with manslaughter, as we learned Tuesday from the Rennes prosecutor’s office. “He disputes the reasons and conditions of his indictment, but does not want to comment on the ongoing investigation,” – said his lawyer Louis Kaye.

According to prosecutor Rennes Philippe Astruc, another commissioner, Thierry Palermo, director of the public safety department at the time of the fact-finding, was promoted to witness status, who was assisted at the end of Monday’s hearing by the investigating judge in charge of the case. …

Multiple invitations

Two years after Steve’s fatal fall in the Loire, Nantes, the investigating judge summoned several people. Nantes Mayor Johanna Rolland, Deputy Security Officer at the time of the fact-finding, and former Prefect Claude d’Arcourt and his deputy are due to be heard before the end of September.

In June, the investigation brought up an important element. As a result, the investigation made it possible to “very accurately determine the time and place of the fall of the victim in the Loire.” The prosecutor announced that the young Steve Maya Canisou fell in the Loire at 4:33 am “either during the intervention of the national police” on the night of June 21-22, 2019.

Three cases against X are being investigated in Rennes.

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