Kate Middleton and William, Prince Harry’s Explosive Drug Secrets Rock the Palace

Prince Harry’s latest public appearance has sparked an uproar in Britain. Indeed, Meghan Markle’s husband opened up about his drug use in a lengthy interview with Canadian doctor Gabor Mathe.

He especially spoke about his drug and alcohol-marked adolescence and revealed that he was a regular user of cannabis and cocaine. However, unlike cocaine, he claimed that cannabis made him feel better.

This trick aroused the anger of others, in particular Kate Middleton, who is actively involved in the fight against drug addiction along with her husband Prince William. Indeed, the godfather of the charity Forward Trust, which helps people addicted to alcohol and drugs, would be horrified by the words of Prince Harry.

The Daily Mail also quoted an expert who lashed out at Prince Harry, saying he enters mental health debates with reckless ignorance. The latter said that Prince Harry was clearly unaware of the serious harm that these substances can cause to consumers, harm that he observes with heartbreaking frequency in hospital psychiatric wards.

In any case, this exit sparked a heated debate in the UK about the legalization of cannabis and its impact on mental health. Will Prince Harry’s words be a pro-legalization or just a joke from his rebellious youth? Observers of the British royal family are waiting for the official reaction of the palace.

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