Kawasaki: We know more about the brand’s first hybrid motorcycle –

Vehicle electrification has a long history in Japan. Consider, for example, the Toyota Prius, which has been on sale since 1997 and didn’t necessarily make a big impression at the time. However, due to increasingly stringent environmental standards, many manufacturers are fully (or partially) electrifying their models. Good news for Parisian bikers, given the transition to paid parking for non-electric two-wheelers as the school year begins.

Motorcycles are no exception to this trend, even at Harley-Davidson with its LiveWire division. So it’s Kawasaki’s turn to lift the veil on its first hybrid model. Although big revelations are expected at exhibitions in Cologne or Milan in Europe, patent applications reveal some information.

General gear

For the thermal part of the Kawasaki, an engine borrowed from the Z400 should be used, namely a small twin. This block will be assisted by an electric motor located above the transmission.

As a result, the two engines must have the same transmission (gearbox and clutch) that will operate automatically in electric mode or semi-automatic in thermal mode. Consequently, the clutch lever is removed and a gear select button appears on the left stalk (as is the case on most motorcycles with automatic transmission).

Kawasaki is not releasing any other information at the moment, and we’ll have to wait until the show period (October – November) to find out more.


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