Keeping an eye on COVID-19, Joe Biden Defends His Governance of the Economy

However, he ordered the Labor Department to ensure that unemployed workers cannot receive these benefits due to the pandemic if they refuse a reasonable job offer.

We will make it clear that anyone receiving EI benefits who is offered a suitable job must accept it or lose their benefits.– he commented during a briefing on economics at the White House.

However, he reportedCOVID-19 exceptions

Republicans view the latest monthly figures as proof of the failure of the new White House master’s policies and the ambitious plan to support the American economy, adopted a month ago without the support of a single Republican.

The US created 266,000 jobs in April, far less than the million expected by economic forecasts, according to a report released on Friday. The unemployment rate also rose slightly from 6% to 6.1%.

One of the culprits identified by the Republican camp, they said, was the decision to extend the $ 300 weekly employment insurance coverage until September 6, prompting Americans to stay at home.

We flooded the area with checks, which I’m sure everyone loves to receive, and also increased unemployment.for example, Senate Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell said last week.

And what I’ve been hearing all week from business people, hospitals, teachers, everyone in the state [du Kentucky]is that, unfortunately, for many Kentucky and Americans, not working is actually more profitable than working.

Employers seem to have struggled to fill low-paying jobs.

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Well we don’t see much evidence of thisPresident Biden responded Monday. Americans want to work. I think that people who claim that Americans will not work even if they find a good and fair opportunity are underestimating the American people.

Twenty-two million people have lost their jobs due to this pandemic through no fault of their own. For many of them, employment insurance is a lifesaver.he said, adding that his administration did not don’t turn away to the Americans.

Rolled up numbers

The US President also downplayed the latest monthly employment statistics as simple. instantaneous

Let’s be clear: our economic plan works– he assured.

I never said – and no serious analyst ever imagined – that getting out of the deep hole in which our economy finds itself would be simple, easy, immediate, or completely stable.– pleaded Mr. Biden, insisting that the country is moving forward. in the right direction and inviting to look at the general trend. Some months will exceed expectations, others will disappoint.

He noted that an average of 500,000 jobs per month have been created in the United States since taking office, compared with 60,000 jobs per month 90 days before taking office.

Joe Biden, however, argued that after receiving a total of $ 1.4 trillion in various relief plans adopted after the pandemic last year, companies should pay workers more and also help them get vaccinated.

Help is on the way

Economic data show that school closures, childcare restrictions and incomplete immunization coverage are major impediments to work, Biden said.

Announcing new steps in his economic stimulus plan to make it easier to hire workers and help more people find work, he pointed to directives from two of his administration’s departments issued today for states, indigenous communities and territories for programs included in the economic support plan.

As such, the Department of Health and Human Services has issued guidelines so that states and other communities can start paying providers immediately. financing childcare.

Praising impressive expansion and affordability of childcareJoe Biden claimed it wasmost important investment [en la matière] since World War II

It will allow hundreds of thousands of childcare providers to leave their doors open to more than 5 million children, he said.

The funds will also enable states to provide childcare subsidies to 800,000 families, he added.

Treasury guidelines will help local governments access over $ 350 billion in aid funds. The money will help speed up hiring and spur economic growth, Biden said.

The Treasury Department said in a statement that governments will be able to access the funds over the next few days.

The US president also said his administration is providing subsidies to 16,000 restaurants hit hard by the coronavirus crisis as part of an economic aid program.

He was also optimistic about the future, claiming that the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States fell 40% since the week of April 12, during which the vacancy data posted on Friday was collected.

Since then, the number of vaccinations among working-age Americans has nearly doubled, he added. Since April 19, the vaccine is available to all Americans over the age of 16.

As of April 10, 58.2% of American adults received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 44.3% are fully immunized, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

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