Kemper – Drug trafficking: four and a half years in prison

“So, sir… The atmosphere must have been a little, how shall I put it… sharp, in this car, right?” Are you saying you didn’t know there were drugs in there? That they are not yours? And those 680 € thrown into the glove box? Judge Christophe Le Petitcorp took part in the debate this Friday about this immediate appearance when a man enters the ring: clearly not wanting to fall asleep. The judge exchanged a series of questions with the defendants, quick, lively and precise, in an effort to puzzle them.

1.47 kg of cannabis resin and 8 g of cocaine

The questions were first addressed to the 23-year-old defendant, who lives in Argenteuil in the Paris region. He has been in pre-trial detention in Plemaire since his arrest in Concarneau on June 14 for trafficking, using, transporting, selling, driving under the influence of drugs and driving without a license. The car he was driving without a driver’s license was found to contain 1.47 kg of cannabis resin and 8 g of cocaine. In addition, the survey accurately reconstructed repeated and short trips. A combination of elements that would make a judge say, “This investigation has all the platitudes of the drug trade.”

“I lent him my car so he could see his friend”

Questions to the second defendant are asked at a slower pace, but no less insistently: at the helm is a young woman of 21 years old, living in Lorient, who is the owner of the car. It is difficult in the answers given to the judges to substantiate the presence of drugs and two exact scales in the car. It is difficult, again, to justify the 100 grams of cannabis resin found in his home during a search. “I met the defendant at a nightclub in Quimper. He’s just an acquaintance…,” the girl says, explaining that she agreed to lend him her car “so that he can see his friend.” “Did you know that you have a profile that is of great interest to drug dealers? “, the Le Petitcorps judge tries again, extracting confessions before offering alternatives to the young man: “In this case, we must be clear: the drugs are either yours or yours. Madame or! »

“Draw Pablo Escobar from Quimper”

In defense of the young woman, Me Hadji cites the gullibility of his client. She doesn’t need money or drugs. No, she does not have a court-drawn profile of a nanny,” assuring that the young woman is “far from that world.” In conclusion: “The dossier is too fragile to establish his involvement.”

Me El Moujaddide’s approach to protecting Francilien is in three points. “We want to identify the defendant as Pablo Escobar from Quimper! he pleaded from the very beginning, surprised by the force of the prosecutor’s demand: “Three years in prison for 1.47 kg of cannabis resin, plus three years in prison for a recall … But here we quickly get to eternity! Finally, to emphasize the “weakness of the case” on the facts actually established.

Sabri Shoder was sentenced to two years in prison for trafficking, transporting, using and consuming drugs. The cancellation of the various stays adds two and a half years to the sentence, bringing the sentence to four and a half years in prison. He is supported and held and forbidden from appearing in Finistère for five years.

A young woman was given a six-month suspended sentence for transporting, possessing and purchasing drugs.

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