Kena: Bridge of Spirits celebrates its anniversary with surprises

On the occasion of its first anniversary coming up very soon, Kena: Bridge of Spirits will welcome new content and release on Steam.

So far, the Epic Games Store has maintained, and still maintains, PC-exclusivity on the Ember Lab game. Only from September 27th will he lose it when Kena: Bridge of Spirits joins Steam.

First Anniversary Update

On the same day, the game will offer new content with the release of the update. Designed to celebrate the first anniversary as it should be, the last one in particular will bring new modes. On the one hand, there will be New Game +, which will allow you to return to the adventure, while retaining all the skills acquired in the previous game. The ideal configuration for the second path, which was announced to be of increased difficulty.

Then, on the other hand, Ember Lab will add a series of challenges to their creations, upon completion of which you will receive various additional outfits. And that’s not all, among the contributions we will have not only a new improved photo mode, but also new amulets.

Here are the details of what we intend to offer:

  • New Game+. Start a new adventure after completing the game, starting with all your abilities, upgrades and rotting, facing new combat encounters, challenges and unique enemies.
  • Trials of the Spirit Guide: Sharpen your skills and unlock rewards in the Trials, including wave protection, obstacle courses, and the ability to fight key bosses over and over again.
  • Outfits. Unlock new outfits for Kena by completing challenges.
  • Charm stones. Discover charm stones that can be equipped with various perks and demerits to customize your playstyle.
  • Improved photo mode: more fun poses, unique lighting, and even a mobile camera!
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released on September 21, 2021 on PS5, PS4 and PC (Epic Games Store).


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