“Kena: Bridge of the Spirits” receives a further delay in its release

The creative team at Ember Lab have released a statement regarding the release of their highly anticipated adventure game “Kena: Bridge of Spirits”, which is slated for a release date of August 24th. And it is that through a new statement they revealed that the game had been delayed, although the wait was not extended for long,

Ember Lab has apologized to potential players, revealing that they have taken extra time for their developer team to clean up any issues that can be found in the game, anticipating that “Kena: Bridge of the Spirits” will arrive on PlayStation. 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store on September 21.

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This isn’t the first delay that “Kena: Bridge of the Spirits” has suffered, as its original release date was slated for September 2020. Changing its release to one month apart isn’t as painful as having to be. wait a full year before you can take advantage of it. the game.

“We made the difficult decision to delay the release of ‘Kena’ until September 21 to polish cross-platform play. The team worked extremely hard and we believe that overtime is essential to ensure the best possible experience, ”the Ember Lab team noted in its statement.

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Following the performances revealed at the “Tribecca Game Festival”, “Kena: Bridge of The Spirits” received praise from those who managed to briefly experience it due to its interesting combat mechanics and level. level exploration. Also, if there’s something the industry has shown us (Cyberpunk 2077), sometimes it’s better to wait a bit longer if you want to see the best results in a game.

In addition, the arrival of “Kena: Bridge of the Spirits” in September fills an increasingly tight release schedule, which includes titles such as “Deathloop”, “Sonic Colors: Ultimate”. “Life is Strange: True Colors”, “WarioWarfare: Get It Together” or “Diablo 2 Resurrected”. Ember Lab expects its game to hit the public on September 21.

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