Keyblade hit on prices: Kingdom Hearts 3 for less than 10 €

Good plan news Keyblade hit on prices: Kingdom Hearts 3 for less than 10 €

The Kingdom Hearts saga will have seen many opus unfolding the story of Sora, Donald and Goofy through the different worlds and universes that abound within this license. The title is currently on sale at Cdiscount and is available for less than 10 €.

Kingdom Hearts III is a J-RPG making you live the adventures of Sora, the holder of the Keyblade, along with Donald and Dingo. This small group will travel through the different universes of Disney and of Square Enix in search of elements that can advance their quest. Wonder, surprises and actions are at the rendezvous of this title which will make you both travel aboard the Pirate of the Caribbean Black Pearl, what to visit Mount olympus.

Buy Kingdom Hearts III on PS4 for € 9.99 instead of € 23.72

What you need to know about Kingdom Hearts III

The opinion of

Score: 16/20

Kingdom Hearts III had a lot to say and to show. As a pretext for a trip to the worlds of Disney, it is captivating from start to finish, thanks to an exemplary artistic direction that constantly adapts to the subject. It offers a surprising variety of gameplay and constantly catches the eye, thanks to its dynamic combat. However, the redundancy of the clashes and its ultra condensed scenario which is lost in uninspired dialogues will sometimes tend to annoy or tire. Nothing that should take you away from a high-quality A-RPG, which has no shortage of epic scenes.

We invite you to consult the full test for more information on this title.

Keyblade hit on prices: Kingdom Hearts 3 for less than 10 €

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