Keydys: Keyboard Accessory Designed for DYS –

Despite being more widely recognized, learning difficulties (collectively referred to as DMS) cause daily difficulties for those who suffer from it, whether in arithmetic, writing or reading.

According to the French Federation of VHI, between 6 and 8% of pupils of the same age suffer from DMS disorders. Recognition and support are good on their own, but there are several tools that will help these people in their daily lives.

Simple but effective concept

16-year-old Ryan DuBois, himself a DMS sufferer, took advantage of his imprisonment to work on a concept he discovered during occupational therapy sessions. Indeed, the therapist used a system of colored stickers to help learn how to type.

The keyboard is divided into 8 different colored zones (one for each finger used to type on the keyboard), which allows the brain to associate a color with each letter and thus makes it easier to find the key. The problem is that these stickers were poorly adapted and wore out very quickly.

To help him in his creative process, the Fondazione Boulanger accompanied the young man to ensure the marketing of his concept, a system of stickers adapted to the keys of the keyboard and, above all, much more resistant.

It is now possible to buy a suitable kit on Boulanger for 24 euros for a QWERTY keyboard, whether for Windows or for Mac. Please note that R2dtoolsdys offers versions for iPad, Android tablets, as well as QWERTY and QWERTZ kits on its website.

A welcome initiative that can give other entrepreneurs ideas on how to make life easier for people with disabilities, whatever they may be.

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