Keys to Understanding How Elon Musk is Turning the Twitter Sphere on Its Head

DRAWING – The billionaire entrepreneur’s plans for this social network are still unclear, but the richest man in the world has already begun big maneuvers to amortize his investment. With gaffes and political declarations.

1/ Dramatic reduction in airfoil by number of employees

Surprisingly, it was one. Landing with a bang in the lobby of the headquarters of the social network he had just acquired for a modest $44 billion, Musk announced that he was cutting a significant number of jobs at a company of 7,500 people. employees. “There are no other options when you consider that you are losing 4 million euros a day,” Musk justified in the message. “Everyone who leaves receives three months’ salary as compensation, which is 50% more than required by law.” During the night, thousands of people woke up to a message in their inbox announcing their layoffs – others learned the news when they discovered their login credentials to the company’s professional platforms were missing. Problem: In his quest to get rid of excess fat, Musk has thrown out commands that are often necessary for the proper functioning of the social network……

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