Keystone: Phil Spencer hints at his Xbox designed for streaming

When it comes to Microsoft, The Verge’s Tom Warren, often well-informed, speaks formally: even more discreet than the Xbox Series S, this white box fits in every way with the description given by Keystone, the code name for this device, which for a long time it was erroneously thought that it would be in the form of a flash drive that should be inserted directly into a USB port. In its current form, and even if the Xbox Twitter account adds fuel to the fire by calling the object an “old prototype”, the Keystone will take the form of a small box that we’ll plug into a TV or monitor like a traditional console. . With the difference that Keystone will only stream games through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which Xbox Game Pass subscribers have access to today on consoles, mobile, PC and even select TVs. According to The Verge, the device may also come with some additional apps such as Netflix.

Remember that Microsoft has already officially mentioned the existence of this 100% streaming Xbox in the past, while acknowledging that it had to revise certain plans in order to work on a new version of the device. Microsoft is still working on Keystone and intends to sell the machine, according to sources at The Verge, and Stadia’s failure probably won’t discourage the cloud emperor that is Microsoft. In the meantime, we’ve seen the multinational reach a deal with Samsung to integrate the Xbox app into 2022 connected TVs, or even reach out to manufacturer Logitech to highlight the presence of Xbox Cloud Gaming in the Logitech G Cloud laptop, a $300 device however as of now announced only in North America.

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