KFC hits hard and launches a video game console! PS5 and Xbox Series X in the turn

Fan of video games, at your controls! Indeed, we thought that this market was reserved for giants. We tell you why KFC makes them tremble!

KFC: an advertisement that makes you dream

Chicken, but not only …

First of all, before tackling this games console, Footix would like to remind you who is KFC. In this article, we had listed all its secrets. From its creation to its extraordinary advertising campaigns, the fast food brand has managed to make a place for itself in the sun. Specializing in white meat, and more broadly in chicken, it is even an Asian Christmas tradition. Known all over the planet, so she doesn’t have to be ashamed of other giants like McDonald’s or Burger King.

While new models of consoles arrive in 2021, the American fast food restaurant has decided to make its customers dream. And it’s not thanks to a fried chicken recipe or a sandwich. After a successful partnership with smartphone manufacturer Huawei, KFC wants to win the hearts of geek people. First of all, an XBOX controller proudly wears its colors as well as its easily recognizable logo. It was not enough that we see it everywhere, we had to aim even higher!

Impressive technical innovations

Thanks to Cooler Master, the technical specificities of this console already make all video game fans dream. Yes Footix Had to sum it up, it looks like this little tech marvel has a 9th Gen Intel Core i9 processor as well as an Asus mini graphics card and two Seageate 1TB SSDs. For those who do not understand much before having had it in their hands, it allows you to start and play ”six times faster”Than with recent competitive models. Moreover, the video game giants are in shock and regret more than ever not having thought about it before!

The more the days go by, the more KFC announces beautiful surprises. As proof, as you can see in the video above, it even has a special compartment to keep fast food recipes warm. Moreover, totally innovative, this pretty food wink really made the buzz on the Web.

Alas, apart from this mind-blowing publicity, at present, Footix does not know anything about the launch date and even its price. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest information on this digital racer. We can’t wait to discover this console as it deserves!

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