KFC to launch its own game console

This is no joke: Intel confirms that KFC is launching its “game console” with a compartment to … keep its chicken warm! It is in fact a PC for “gamers” with the latest equipment. The launch is scheduled for 2021.

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Several months ago, when the first wave of the Covid-19, KFC got noticed with a teasing on a game console. At the time, the arrivals of PS5 and Xbox news was in the news, and everyone took the initiative of KFC for a joke. Except that the famous brand of fried chicken is coming back, and it’s serious!

This night KFConsole unveiled its forms, and Intel in person confirmed the arrival of this model. In fact, despite its name, it is not a game console but a Pc for “gamers”. The chain of fast food has partnered with Cooler Master for a custom enclosure and the technical basis is Intel’s NUC 9 platform. Are also part one Graphic card Asus and a disc SSD 1 GB signed Seagate. All for the promise of a display in 4K and 240 FPS !

A unique design

But the originality of the whole is that this box will also keep your chicken pieces warm. Not because the processor will heat up but because it incorporates a compartment to place its wings and tenders. While you play, chicken, or any other food, stays warm.

The most complicated was clearly to find a case as compact as possible, while being sufficiently spaced for the cooling of the equipment. », Explains a designer to our colleagues from Tom’s Hardware. “ I spent days creating this bucket in 3D and making the two parts work together “. Initially, KFC would have liked to launch its product at Christmas, but now we will have to wait until 2021. No precise date or price; however, given the setup, you would expect it to cost a lot more than a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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