Kickstarter Discovery: Blue June by Tiny Dodo

Since 2009, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has given birth to hundreds of video game projects. The “Kickstarter Discovery” columns will highlight video game and / or board game projects that are currently seeking funding on the platform. This week, the Canadian video game Blue June is in the spotlight!

Goal: $ 30,000

End of funding request: July 26, 2021

In the game Blue june, you will play the character June, a student of the prestigious Rose Hill Academy. You will have to explore the mind of the young protagonist in order to uncover the whole truth about the nightmares she regularly suffers from.

In order to progress in the story of Blue June, you will have to interact with many characters and thus discover the well-hidden secrets of the Rose Hill Academy. Several puzzles will need to be successful in order to survive June’s terrifying nightmares.

June can collect up to 8 items from her inventory at a time. These objects can be examined to give additional clues to solve puzzles. Some objects from the dream world can be used in the real world.

Blue June is slated for release in June 2022 on PC (Steam). A demo is currently available on Steam, and Game Jolt. The game will be translated into French, Spanish and Mandarin if the fundraising campaign is successful.

It’s a first crowdfunding experience for the Toronto studio Tiny Dodo. The game is entirely developed by one person, Bibi, who takes care of developing all the elements, from the programming to the animations and the sound aspect. The game is currently 40-45% complete and should take approximately 6-7 hours to complete the story.

Blue june

Available contributions:

  • $ 5 – Thank you and a promotional image
  • $ 10 / $ 15 – One copy of the game and one access to Discord
  • $ 18 / $ 25 – Your name in the end credits, digital book and in-game soundtrack
  • $ 30 / $ 40 – Be able to name a character in the game
  • $ 60 – Your name in an in-game graffiti and become a beta tester
  • $ 100 – A portrait of your face will be in the game
  • $ 300 – Officially co-producer of the game and your name on a gravestone
  • $ 500 – Officially producer of the game and help create a character
  • $ 1000 – Officially executive producer of the game and help create a nightmare or a dream.

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