Kickstarter Discovery: Crowsworn

Since 2009, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has given birth to hundreds of video game projects. The “Kickstarter Discovery” columns will highlight video game and / or board game projects that are currently being funded on the platform. This week, Canadian video game Crowsworn!

Objective: $ 125,000

End of funding request: August 9, 2021

Crowsworn is a Metroidvania geared towards exploration, immersive combat and a gripping story. In the world of Fearanndal, the hero of the game wakes up trapped in a coffin, buried in an anonymous grave. Having lost your memory, the goal of the game will be to retrace your steps in order to find your lost memories and to solve the mystery surrounding the village of Angsthel.

What you notice when you see the images of the game is the visual quality of the sets and the animation. Crowsworn is mostly hand drawn and the universe is heavily inspired by games like Bloodborne and Devil may cry.

Like any good Metroidvania, each new skill gained will allow you to retrace your steps and explore new areas that were inaccessible. Scythe, pistols and Corvian magic are the 3 main weapons in Crowsworn.

Crowsworn is slated for release in December 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Switch and Xbox consoles.

This is a first crowdfunding experience for the London (Ontario) studio, Mongoose Rodeo. Founded by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic (Unworthy) and Alexander Duarte Laudon, several other experienced developers have joined the development team. The studio is also supported by FanGamer, an American company that deals with promotional merchandise on Kickstarter (Bloodstained, Shenmue 3 , etc.)

Available contributions:

  • $ 5 – Thank you
  • $ 20 – A copy of the game and a promotional image
  • $ 30 – The original soundtrack of the game
  • 40 $ – The digital game book
  • $ 55 – Access to the game’s beta
  • $ 100 – A physical copy of the game for the console of your choice
  • $ 125 – A physical copy of the game world book
  • $ 200 – An additional digital copy of the game
  • $ 275 – A Crowsworn plush
  • $ 320 – A Crowsworn sweater
  • $ 650 – Your name on one of the sarcophagi in the game
  • $ 825 – Your statue in the game

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