Kids app: learn to classify responsibly with “Witty”

A little robot gives ten quick lessons on the ravages of plastic and the steps to learn to protect the planet. With its cartoonish style and ergonomics based on voice recognition, this educational app is aimed at the little ones. From 4 years.

His charm fiercely reminds Eve, the beautiful robotic probe that Wall-E had fallen in love with in Pixar’s magnificent studio film, except that Witty, he, is a machine endowed with words. Of course, the latter is as synthetic as it is masculine. After recently revealing the secrets of the T-Rex, he returns with a new episode about another type of predator: plastic. A material that, despite its inertia, is more worrying and dangerous. Because its annual production has almost tripled in just thirty years, because 73% of beach waste is made up of this material, we can only welcome this interactive educational proposal aimed at raising awareness among younger generations. At this point, Witty, Oceans and Plastic is doing it with the honors.

The gradual substitution of wood for plastic in human habitats, over a few decades, is one of the best passages in Witty, Oceans and Plastic.

Well done

À la manière d’un livre pour enfants, Witty, oceans et plastique s’articule autour de dix vignettes, au heart desquelles le facétieux robot dispense de sa voix monocorde de brefs cours sur l’état de notre monde de plus en plus menacé par This matter. It ranges from the biodegradability of a sample of various objects found in the belly of a whale, to two snapshots of a postwar and current classroom, to what we call the seventh continent, this giant of agglomerated plastics that roams the North Pacific. .

Thus, Witty, oceans and plastic alternates between tactile phases and small questions that we take care to answer verbally thanks to a fairly sharp voice recognition most of the time (only one question, always the same, inevitably ends with a failure despite a correct answer, and this four times).

A good introduction

Because it is aimed mainly at the little ones, Witty, Oceans and Plastic keeps the catastrophic picture of our reality a little away thanks to an artistic direction worthy of a cartoon from a children’s show. However, it knows how to convey important messages that we parents would do well to hear, especially in its inventory of what is possible to recycle or not through a simple and effective plastic waste sorting game.

Ingenious, oceans and plastic, are thirty short minutes of introduction on the issue of plastic with its dangers, but also its essential character in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics, and on the promises that starchy plastic (therefore biodegradable) represents. . Without losing sight, as adults, that individual actions will weigh little if true public policy is not followed.

Microplastics, pests for marine fauna.

Microplastics, pests for marine fauna.

Well done

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