Killing in a German clinic: four dead, one seriously injured

Four people were killed and a fifth seriously injured at a clinic for the disabled near Berlin, while an employee of the establishment was arrested, local police said overnight Wednesday to Thursday.

“The injuries of all the victims are according to the findings the result of the use of intense, extreme violence,” the police said in a statement, without being able to immediately give details of the circumstances of the alleged killings.

The four deceased people were found in the evening in their respective rooms of this clinic located in Potsdam, a city adjacent to the capital Berlin, according to the police.

A 51-year-old employee of the clinic, “on whom there are strong suspicions” of being the author of the facts, was arrested, added the investigators, all adding that the motivations of the alleged crimes remain at this stage “undetermined. “.

The clinic, called Thusnelda-von-Saldern-Haus, specializes in welcoming and supporting people with physical or mental disabilities, particularly the blind or autistic.

Besides the clinic itself, the site includes housing, schools, and workshops.

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