Kilta, the solo auto-battler, adds a new chapter

In early-acess since last November, the auto-battler Kilta receives an important update which brings it closer to the famous version 1.0! A brand new chapter with 20 new enemies, more quests, items, is available now. Considering its important narrative aspect, a rare thing for this kind of game, the addition of lines of dialogue always so funny comes to enrich the experience.

Here is his trailer:

About Kilta

Kilta is a solo playable auto-battler with touches of RPG, an inventory management system and a strong narrative orientation. Bonding with your guild will enhance their abilities and strategy is at the heart of this game, your choices changing the outcome of the battles to come.

Check the stats of your enemies, equip and place your team on the battlefield and watch them fight in an environment 2.5D in pixel art with explosive animations. The game is also adorned with a intoxicating soundtrack, dynamic during combat and more restful when your heroes recover from their clashes.

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