Kimi Raikkonen prefers to leave her console in the closet

When Formula 1 drivers were forced to stay at home at the start of the year, many young drivers in particular chose to spend this time on simulators for various car racing games such as iRacing, F1 2020 or even rFactor.

When presented with a photo of him playing Colin McRae Rally during military service, Kimi Raikkonen was asked about how he consumes video games today.

“To be honest, I don’t have time for this anymore,” replies the Alfa Romeo driver.

“I’m still busy with normal things my age like kids and family. If you start to dive back into that, it takes a long time. And if you want to get it right, it takes a long time too. I have better things to do than sit in front of a simulator or play games. “

“When I was younger I played yes there was nothing else to do. We have a Playstation at home, but we haven’t used it for ten years. Robin is asking me for it! wants to play with me, he wants a console because my brother’s kids have one. He will probably use it on his own when he is old enough, but I have other things to do besides play. It’s fun but in a limited way. “

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