Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PC: find our complete solution

News tip Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PC: find our complete solution


On the occasion of the release of Kingdom Hearts games on Epic, we have updated our complete guide to Kingdom Hearts 3. We suggest that you equip yourself with it to (re) discover this game in the best conditions.

Originally released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2019, Kingdom Hearts 3 landed on PC two years later via the Epic Games Store. On this occasion, we updated our complete Kingdom Hearts 3 solution to walk through the

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The main frame

In this part of our Kingdom Hearts 3 complete walkthrough, we come back to the progression of the main frame: you can find there the procedure to follow for complete the different worlds visited, but also tips for beating bosses or the items you can pick up during your adventure. For simplicity, we have decided to keep the division of the game into “Worlds”, and to use the geographical division of each of them to follow the progress:

Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind

In this part of our full Kingdom Hearts III solution, We will give you the step-by-step process to complete this somewhat tough DLC, including advice on how to overcome the bosses of the Limit Cut episodes, but also the location of the few collectibles of this expansion:

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PC: find our complete solution


This category of our Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Guide lingers on all collectibles scattered throughout the different worlds you will pass through. Lucky Emblems, Treasure Chests, and Other Classic Realms will have no more secrets for you:

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