Koba LaD admits that he preferred the Xbox to a full-fledged Playstation, and this caused him some problems.

Koba LaD, king of blunders!

The unusual sequence has resurfaced online following an interview with Koba LaD in which he admits he had a bit of a problem afterwards. In 2020, in the midst of a marketing operation for the PlayStation, invited to a live session of Call of Duty: Cold War, Astrid’s new boyfriend Nelcia was promoting Sony’s competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox console, on air.

The scene took place shortly after the release of Koba LaD Detail. Steamers Michou and Inoxtag put together a large line-up with French rapper “Bât 7”, SCH and Naza for a Playstation sponsored live stream to be part of Activision’s game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, except “Daddy Chocolat” interpreter advertised the Japanese brand’s main competitor, casually expressing his preference for another console, the Xbox, all to the laughter of his friends.

“But I’m more comfortable playing on the Xbox, which is difficult. I only play on Xbox, you’re crazy, play brother…” Koba LaD said live during this Playstation 4 session in front of the confused faces of his assistants by the clumsiness of the French rapper. During an interview with Raplume media at Bolémvn, he briefly revisited the anecdote with a smile, admitting that he got in a bit of trouble with his remarks because the promotional event was no doubt paid for by Sony, but the issue was quickly resolved. .

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