Konami shares the possibility of a new game “Castlevania”

Apart from the arrival of a new animated series to Netflix and the surprise launch of “Castlevania: Advance Collection”, “Castlevania”, considered one of the most iconic platform video game sagas in the industry and responsible for the definition of a narrative action of genre. . , has remained relatively forgotten in recent years.

With the return of “Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls” as one of the titles available on Apple Arcade, some fans have begun to speculate on the possibility of a new title that the Konami team could keep in development. A hope that was rekindled after a recent interview.

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Axios recently had the opportunity to interview Yota Tsutsumizaki, one of Konami’s top executives and director of “Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls.” The creator pointed out that although the producer of the saga, Koji Igarashi, left the company’s offices long ago, his retirement is not linked to the long delay between the launch of a new installment of the saga.

It should be noted that Igarashi left his position at Konami in 2014, the same year the franchise made its biggest launch to date with “Lord of Shadow 2.” According to Tsutsumizaki, the possibility of a new “Castlevania” work is defined only “by what the consumers say”, an answer that, without being definitive, leaves great uncertainty about the future of the saga.

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In recent years, Konami has come under fire for the gross negligence in which it has withheld some of its major video game franchises, including “Metal Gear Solid” and “Silent Hill,” a series that fans have dreamed of for years since. the launch of. a new tranche, which receives only deaf ears from the company whose business priorities are not yet entirely clear.

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