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During each sales period, the Konyks brand prepares a selection of products at discounted prices. After the Days of France and then Black Friday, the winter sales started again. They end at the beginning of February, but for a French company this event is shorter. Konyks sales end on January 26, 2023.

If you missed the last sales period or simply did not know the products of this French company, now is the time to ask. Since the launch of the first products, the catalog has expanded significantly. As already indicated several times, it covers areas such as surveillance (cameras), lighting (light bulbs and LED strips) or outdoor devices. Before listing devices for sale, one more thing needs to be clarified: the brand specializes in connected products.

This means that all the products listed above, as well as all the products featured on the Konyks website, can be controlled via the mobile app (iOS and Android). You can also issue voice commands if you have voice assistants.

All links listed below are 20% off. Items in this selection are sold both in the Konyks store and on Amazon.

If you are not familiar with these products, I suggest you follow the links provided in the title of some of them. You can then read their presentation or their quiz.

Konyks Sale: Discounts on 15 Connected ItemsOverview of winter sales at Konyks

Conix winter sales

Connected lighting

Among the large family of connected lamps signed by Konyks, six models are currently available at a discounted price. You have the choice between individual bulbs or packs of two.

  • White bulb E27 in Antalya: 9.52 euros instead of 11.90 euros.
  • Antalya color E27 connected bulb: 12.72 euros instead of 15.90 euros.
  • Antalya Style E27 Double Package: 19.92 euros at
  • instead of 24.90 euros
  • Antalya E14 Max Easy: €12.72 instead of €15.90.
  • Antalya E14 Max Easy Dual Pack: €19.92 instead of €24.90.
  • Antalya Style E27 double package: €19.92 instead of €24.90.

In addition to various connected bulbs, the brand also sells the Dallas Easy LED strip. It sells for 27.92 euros instead of 34.90 euros.

Connected cameras

There are several connected cameras in the Konyks catalog. Some of them are designed for indoor use, and one of them can be installed in your garden, yard or just in front of your garage.

Only two of them are on sale until January 26th. The first is one of those who can keep an eye on the interior of your home, and the second is exactly the one that can film your appearance.

Other Konyks sales

Goods for outdoor activities

Among the connected products that can be used outdoors, Konyks chose two different ones. The first one, introduced recently, will allow you to program your garden watering and control soil hygrometry. The second becomes important if you need electricity to trim trees, mow your lawn, or turn on lights. I’m talking about an external connected socket.

  • Hydro Kit: €95.52 instead of €119.90. A kit consisting of a hydraulic pack and a soil sensor is also on sale: 119.90 euros instead of 159.80 euros.
  • Pluviose Easy EU outdoor socket: €31.92 instead of €39.90.

Interior goods

The company, located in Toulouse, offers a variety of products for the interior. In addition to the bulbs shown above, there are several other products currently on sale:

  • Switch Vollo Max Easy: €27.92 instead of €34.90
  • Firesafe 2 detector: €47.92 instead of €59.90
  • Priska Duo Easy EU Plug: €23.92 instead of €29.90.

Other Konix products

In addition to the products that are discounted during the winter sale, Konyks offers several additional discounts:

If you are planning to buy several products to furnish your entire home, know that at the moment the brand offers payment 4 times free of charge (from 100 euros). I also remind you that the cost of delivery is free when buying from 30 euros (for metropolitan France).

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