Kosher cannabis is on the rise. Givat Khen, central Israel.

Kosher-certified medical cannabis: for the first time in the world, it is offered by a plantation located in Israel, near Tel Aviv.

Certification that has become useful… Although smoking cannabis does not have to meet food-related kosher standards, it is different when it is consumed in the form of oil or when it is dipped in alcohol.

The plantation offering kosher cannabis is located in the city of Givat Khen, in central Israel, and covers almost one and a half hectares. Although she used to be content with selling cannabis flowers, her business has grown and she now grows hundreds of plants for Israel’s religious population.

Specifically, kosher cannabis is ensured by plantation closures on Shabbat and observance of the rules of “shemit” with steam every seven years. The rabbinic authorities have even established a blessing to be said before consuming cannabis oil.

While the proportion of religious users of medical cannabis is unknown, Israel is the country in the world with the highest per capita use. Nearly 115,000 people are eligible for medical marijuana, according to the Israeli ministry. The use of drugs is prohibited by Jewish law, but the use of medical marijuana is permitted.


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