Kubo 3: An NES game developed by an 8-year-old from Nantes

Game news Kubo 3: An NES game developed by an 8-year-old from Nantes


If you are in your thirties, are passionate or have gamers in your family, you may have had the NES, Nintendo’s legendary console, in your hands. Well, be aware that despite its great age, the console still receives games, sometimes developed by very young people.

The story is told to us by our colleagues from 20 minutes, who went to meet Seiji, a young 8-year-old from Nantes, and which is none other than the developer of Kubo, a license for adventure games and playable platforms on NES. Obviously, he is not alone behind this series of games, since he is helped by his father, a software developer who discovered the NES Maker software, allowing to create games on the old machine. Asked about the creation of his games, Seiji said:

I had drawn Kubo on a piece of paper, a green-skinned cowboy that people mistook for a turtle. On the computer, I then drew it in pixels, in lots of different positions so that it could come to life.

With his father, who took care of marketing and communication, he worked weekends and holidays for a year, by taking care mainly of creation and animation.

I guided him and helped him with the technique, especially with the code, says Seiji’s father.

End of 2020, and thanks to the support of Broke Studio, which produces games for older consoles, Kubo 3 is released in France and the United States at a price of 35 euros. All 135 copies for sale have been purchased, and now, father and son are preparing the Japanese release of the game, which will take place in a few days. To do this, the duo called on Seiji’s mother, Japanese, to carry out the localization of the title. From now on, the young developer hopes to be able to make a Kubo 4, and obviously considering a professional career in development, unless he prefers to become an “inventor”.

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