Kuso, Kudo, are you playing behind my back?

On my mobile operator’s website, you can check out the “Zero Data Surprises” section. Surprise, I did have one when I went to browse their site. A random visit made me realize that the company is now offering a 15GB data plan for $45/month when I was paying that amount for…7GB for two years!

It was not a promotion meant for new subscribers or a special discount for loyal customers… No, the offer is open to everyone, from the opportunistic ski pass hoarder to the loyal customer that I am.

Forfait, you fooled me!

Meanwhile, I sincerely tried to spare you my Céline songs during our last romantic trip… And, in a subway stuck like sardines, how many cat videos have I abstained from, all too aware that they eat you up and tire you out? Oh sweet moments of unrevealed data that I will never find again…

I’m kidding, but not much.

A reader even told me that for a long time he was paying more… for less money because his supplier was always very quick to offer him to buy a few extra gigabytes to complete his cycle, without even informing him of the most recent offer updates. .in stock.

Fortunately, for my part, I was able to change my package without penalty. So I just got twice as much data in two clicks for the same price.

Bad connection

While the size of our food packaging is noticeably shrinking in the grocery store, the opposite seems to be happening with our mobile vendors. The problem is that we are usually not informed, so we often miss a tempting offer.

My phone, however, is ready to receive a call, a text message, an email…

Since the lack of communication with my cellular company began to seriously affect our relationship, I decided to consult!

According to Alexander Plourd, a lawyer for Option consommateurs, suppliers are not required to notify us when they inflate their packages or apply discounts offered to other consumers.

“I could draw an analogy, when an item you bought at the current price is now on sale: the law does not require the seller to give you a discount … you can get it at a lower price,” he admits.

However, the world of telecommunications is not the Wild West. This service is federally regulated by the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission – CRTC. His wireless code says that an ISP can’t change your contract… if it doesn’t work for you. In other words, “absolutely nothing will stop telcos from automatically applying price cuts,” Me Plourd continues.

How to reduce your mobile phone bill

So far, the ball is on your side. “It can be beneficial for customers to periodically review available plans to have the one that works best for them, whether with their current provider or with a different wireless service provider,” Patricia Valladao, public relations specialist at CRTC, writes to me.

At Option consommateurs, we remind you that wireless phone companies don’t reward loyalty: if you choose to stay loyal to your company, don’t shop, don’t compare prices, you may end up paying more.

Feel free to reach out to them to renegotiate your contracts, or even go elsewhere if they are no longer up to the task. Because, as they say, the grass could be greener nearby…

According to a telecom survey conducted by Protégez-Vous, in 2021, 50% of customers of large providers such as Cogeco, Videotron and Bell said they have tried the process. Of these, 54% were offered the best package.

Better than dating agency

To negotiate or find the cheapest provider, check out our Cellular and Internet Plan Comparators. They show prices for plans that include features comparable to what you currently have.

Also pay attention to seasonal fluctuations. If the prices of cell phone plans are constantly changing, certain variations are repeated. An increase is observed, for example, before the start of the school year and sales after Christmas. If you need to change your cell phone plan in August, it’s best to wait a few days to take advantage of better rates coming in September.

So I urge you not to lose too fast. Go ahead, browse, launch enticing offers, let yourself be seduced… But please, take care!

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