Labor dispute in Agropur | Preliminary agreement reached with trade union

(Montreal) A preliminary agreement has been reached between Agropur and a union of workers striking at a factory in Granby. Details will be shared with employees on Wednesday and they can confirm if they have a new collective bargaining agreement.

Published at 19:12

Hugo Giguere
Canadian press

The news was first announced by Quebec Minister of Labor Jean Boulet, who congratulated the parties in a message posted on Twitter late Sunday evening.

“I welcome the agreement in principle reached between Agropur and its staff associated with CSD. Finding solutions is always the best way to resolve a labor dispute,” the minister wrote.

This information was then confirmed to The Canadian Press by Simon Lajoie, Trade Union Communications Adviser for the Central Democratic Union (CSD). He said the deal was done very late on Friday night.

Since this is a preliminary agreement, the proposed employment contract will be recommended for acceptance by union members. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, but the time has not yet been announced.

The parties are still discussing the protocol on the return of the strikers to work. Employees are expected to return to the plant in the coming days.

About 250 workers at the Granby plant went on strike on 29 June. This labor dispute initially had serious repercussions when hundreds of thousands of liters of milk had to be thrown away because they were unable to use it in time or find other solutions. A situation that was later corrected.

The main reason for the conflict was the desire of the employer to change working hours, according to CSD. Agropur would like to reduce shifts from eight to twelve hours and start the working day at different times depending on the day of the week.

Without confirming these claims, Agropur acknowledged that workers need more “flexibility” to adapt to needs depending on the volume of milk available.

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