Land drones: German KMW takes 25% stake in Milrem Robotics

With its acquisition of a stake in Milrem, the German company KMW strengthens its presence in the iMUGS project

25% of the shareholders

As part of its strategic cooperation agreement with the Estonian company Milrem Robotics, the German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) also acquires a 24.9% stake in Milrem. The two companies also announced that they are working together to develop the European Center of Excellence for Military Robotics in Estonia.


Founded in 2013 and domiciled in Tallinn, Milrem specializes in terrestrial robotics. This company created the TheMIS ground drone, acquired by several NATO member countries; the Multiscope vehicle drone and the Type-X UGV. It is currently working on around ten projects, including the iMUGS (Integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System) project in cooperation with 13 other participants, including Nexter, Safran… and KMW.

German encirclement?

By acquiring a stake in Milrem, KMW thus appears to consolidate its influence within the iMUGS project, an autonomous terrestrial robot launched last December. Because it is Milrem who heads the consortium for the project. In 2015, Nexter and KMW merged into the KNDS holding company (KMW + Nexter Defense Systems). Nexter is not left out in robotics and will present its advances on June 10 at the Satory camp with the support of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces.


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