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News inside LaPetitePelle draws – N ° 381

We are Sunday and it is the return of your weekly meeting with LaPetitePelle! Each week, our illustrator draws the video game news for you. And today, the man who draws is interested in something very important, judge instead!

In these new Sunday boards signed LaPetitePelle, our talented illustrator comes back with humor to a constant in the video game industry: the numbers!

Indeed, these figures capable of turning heads, both those of the players but also those of the major players in video games, are important because they allow to get an idea of ​​the state of sales at a precise moment. But as with everything, you have to know how to interpret them and take a step back in order to place them in their context.

So while waiting our business news coming to the site this evening, here is an interpretation of what the numbers can cause on some according to our designer whom you all know now.

Enjoy and have a good Sunday everyone!

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